• Student Associations

1. SAU---Student Association Union

The Student Association Union (SAU) of Nanjing Medical University was founded in 2002, which is under the leadership of the university party committee and supervised by the Chinese Communist League Committee of Nanjing Medical University. The Association&1000s main goal is to provide service for all students at NMU and manage the students’ association on campus. The Association has always been aiming to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the whole association and members of it, devoting to guiding and helping students associations to carry out more activities with depth, connotation, quality and value. Currently, NMU has nearly 70 students’ associations of great features and various types, i.e., academic science and technology, literature and art, sports and fitness, volunteer services, etc., among which have sprung up a group of passionate, active and aggressive outstanding associations.


2. AICE---Association of International Culture Exchange

The Association of International Culture Exchange (AICE) of Nanjing Medical University was founded in 2010, which consists of outreach department, propaganda department and planning department. Since the very beginning, AICE aims to promote understanding and interaction between local and international students through our events and activities. In addition, we also help international students to integrate smoothly into Nanjing Medical University. We provide platforms for both local and international students to share their culture with a wider audience, and our ultimate goal is for friendships to blossom during their stay in Nanjing Medical University. AICE has a good reputation for organizing activities that are fun, interesting and enriching for our partners and participants. Over the years, we have organized many different types of events such as Free Talk, various English Games, eye-catching Dance Party, Fashion Dinner, etc. The rich and colorful activities have brought a completely different feeling for all teachers and students of Nanjing Medical University, which not only promote the cultural exchange between international students and local students, but also deepen their friendships.


3. TBL----Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of Nanjing Medical University is an excellent group with a total English environment, an occasion of knowledge and etiquette, and a platform to show different cultures and customs. Over the years, we have organized a variety of activates such as Lecture Week, Mock Interview, China’s Regional Cultural Exhibition, etc., which embody the vitality of TBL.

TBL is a club that you can practice your oral English, learn the modern communication protocol, experience the charm of different regional cultures, read the works of great maters in English and know their most real ideas.


4. ALAE----Association of Love Aid Education

The Association of Love Aid Education (ALAE) of Nanjing Medical University was founded in 2012, is a non-profit association focusing on education aid and aiming to live and to help others, to grow and to help others grow. Over the short three years, we have successfully organized various activities such as Happy Weekend in Communities, Walk for Love, etc. In 2005, we held an activity named Commonweal Bags to Purple Mountain, by calling for all teachers and students to participate. We organized all participants to backpack and climb to the top of Purple Mountain. After that, we donated all the bags to the orphans of Xiangxi Yongshun. This activity has exerted a great impact inside the campus, which further spread the spirit of love public service, doing public service enjoying public service and persisting in public service.


5. RRPA----Red Ribbon PeerAssociation

The Red Ribbon PeerAssociation (RRPA) ofNanjing Medical University was founded in 2004, is the first peer association of AIDS Prevention and Control in Jiangsu Province, and is committed to promoting adolescents’ youth health education in the last decade. Because of the special contribution in this field, RRPA has won many awards such as Top Ten Association of Jiangsu Province, National Outstanding Association, and the Fourth Most Moving Association of Nanjing Medical University, etc. Over the years, RRPA has organized a lot of featured activities, i.e., Peer Education, Youth Health Seminar, AIDS Prevention and Control Elite Forum, etc. The cumulative number of participants is up to several thousand, and these activities have been recognized and highly valued by various provincial media. The RRPA members go into communities, to explain the self-protection knowledge, to provide professional advice, and in the meantime to invite social activist and famous figures irregularly to give lectures on youth stories of different themes.


6. AKK---- Association of Kyokushin Karate

The Association of Kyokushin Karate (AKK) of Nanjing Medical University was founded in 2005, is the first group of associations of Jiangning Campus, which is also one of the university dojoes of Matsushima Hall, Nanjing Branch. The headquarter of Matsushima Hall is responsible for sending full-time coaches to our university to teach students. After the great efforts and struggles of the successive presidents and members, AKK has become a bright star among all the associations of Nanjing Medical University. Just under the unremitting efforts, AKK has found his way to success. The fighting spirit of Kyokushin Karate is a bright starlight of the campus stage, which is another embodiment of humanity color of Nanjing Medical University as well.

7. NMUISA----Nanjing Medical University International Student Association

The Nanjing Medical University International Student Association was established in January 2019. The full English name is Nanjing Medical University International Student Association, and the English abbreviation is NMUISA. It aims to promote international students to abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China Various activities such as exchanges and voluntary services to promote the all-round development of international students; to promote international students to abide by the school rules and regulations of Nanjing Medical University, to advocate a good style of study and class, to promote solidarity and mutual assistance between international students and between international students and Chinese students; to assist schools and colleges Maintain a good teaching order and learning and living environment; organize international students to carry out self-service activities such as mutual assistance and campus public welfare labor, coordinate and help international students solve problems encountered in study and life.

Every September, all student associations will organize activities to recruit new members, and relevant announcements will be issued at that time, please be noted!     Tel: 86868139; Mail: jnwb@njmu.edu.cn