• Life Guide

1. Important Phone Numbers and Addresses

(1) Some important and useful telephones and addresses:

Free direct-dialing service calls

Fire Alarm: 119, First-Aid Station: 120, Public Security Emergency: 110,

Telephone Repair: 112 Telephone Inquiry: 114, Transportation accidents: 122

(2) Jiangning Science Park Policy Station: 52291110

(3) Jiangning Campus Security: 86868110

(4) Wutai Campus Security: 86862110 

(5) Jiangsu Province international travel health care center. The center provides with the international travelers with many service. Address Nanjing Chuangzhi Road 39#. Tel: 52345700

(6) Nanjing Entry and Exit Administration Bureau. The bureau is in charge of the students’ visa in China and the residential certification. Address: Nanjing Baixia Road 173#. Tel: 84420005.


2.  Medical Care and Hospitals

Jiangning Campus

(1) NMU Affiliated  Sir Run Run Hospital: Longmian Road 109#, Tel. 87115710

(2) NMU Affiliated Jiangning Hospital: Gushan Road 168#, Tel. 52087000 

Wutai Campus

(1) Jiangsu Province Hospital: Guangzhou Road300#, Tel.83714511

(2) Jiangsu Province Hospital of Chinese Medicine: Hanzhong Road 155#, Tel. 86617141

3.  Accommodation

(1) Jiangning Campus: All the freshmen must live on campusthe International Students’ Dormitory. Sophomores and above can live on campus or apply for off-campus living.

(2) Wutai Campus: The students can live in the International Students’ Dormitory or arrange the lodging by themselves.