• Medical Insurance

International students are required to purchase comprehensive international student insurance designated by NMU during their studies at SIE. International students who have not purchased insurance products that meet the prescribed standards will not be registered by NMU. We recommend international students to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China from Ping’an Insurance Company of China. For specific matters related to comprehensive insurance for international students, it will be implemented in accordance with the specific terms of Ping’an Insurance Company of China. You can also follow the WeChat public account Foreign Insurance Services for inquiries and claims.

Insurance Claims Process

For serious disease, please inform the teachers/ dorm managers/ insurance company first before you go to hospital! You must pay attention and submit the name of the hospital, the disease you are suffering from, your Registration Number of in-hospital treatment, the number of your bed, and the name and phone number of your physician in charge.

Please log in www.lxbx.net for latest insurance introduction.